Border Collies are bred to have a low maintenance, wash and wear coat. However, a lot of different factors affect coat quality including diet, hormones, and genetics. Spaying or neutering sometimes causes the coat to become softer and more prone to matting. Regardless of the quality of your dog’s coat, they will require some maintenance.

At minimum, you will need a slicker or pin brush, and undercoat rake, and nail clippers. Everything else will make grooming easier but isn’t an absolute necessity.

I recommend the following supplies. Click each item name to follow the link to the product on Amazon. This site contains affiliate links. We may receive a commision if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links.

Slicker Brush

This style of brush is great for removing burrs and debris the coat may have picked up. The length of the tines should be around the same length as the coat. For rough coated border collies, get a brush with the longest tines you can find.

Chris Christensen Coral Slicker Brush – This one is my favorite. I recommend the large or medium.

Tuffer Than Tangles Brush – This is a more budget friendly option.

Long Pin Slicker Brush – Also budget friendly and comes with a comb.

Wahl Dual Level Slicker – This brush is also budget friendly and has coated tines for dogs with sensitve skin. The one downside is that the tines are not very long, so they may not get all of the way down to the skin on a rough coated border collie.

Pin Brush

This style of brush is great for getting through tangles and brushing the long, straight hairs on the tail and rear end. Like the slicker brush, longer tines are better for getting through the long rough coat of a border collie.

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush – The “professional” version

Kenchii Pin Brush – This is another name brand brush, but a little more budget friendly.

All Systems Pin Brush – This is the one I currently use. It comes in multiple colors.

Plated Pin Brush – This says I Love Doodles on the handle, but if you don’t mind that, it’s a great budget pin brush.

Undercoat Rake

An undercoat rake helps remove dead, impacted undercoat, particularly during a seasonal shed. Do not use a furminator with a blade! These are designed to card or cut the top coat, not to remove the undercoat.

Grooming Rake – This style has loose pins that rotate and help remove the undercoat.

Maxpower Grooming Rake – This style does have a blade, but it should not cut the top coat.

Mars Coat King – This is the name brand version of the above grooming rake.

Furminator Deshedding Tool – This is the style of rake to avoid. It will cut the top coat instead of removing undercoat.


A comb is good for checking the hair after you brush. If you are brushing appropriately (down to the skin), you should be able to run a comb through the hair after it has been brushed out.

No Slip Handle Comb – This is a good budget option.

Andis Stainless Steel Comb - Also a good budget option.

Colored Butter Comb – A colorful comb with wide teeth

Chris Christensen Fine/Coarse Comb – A higher end comb, but worth the price if you have multiple dogs or do a lot of grooming.

Nail Clippers

Miller Forge Red Nail Clippers– These are my favorite nail clippers because they slice through nails like butter and they are cheap. Any brand will work though.

Dog Nail Clippers – Another good option


A dremel isn’t a necessity, but it is nice to have. It is used to file the nails to smooth out any sharp pieces. It leaves a nicer overall finish and allows you to get nails a bit shorter than with nail clippers.

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These are good for trimming paw pads. You won’t need them for anything else, so you don’t need a heavy duty pair.

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Thinning Shears

I recommend these for tidying up paw pad hair. If you aren’t showing, you won’t need a nice pair, just something to clean up the grinch feet.

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Force Dryer

Probably not worth the investment unless you are showing or have multiple dogs, but these are great for blow drying after baths and blowing coat off during a shed. A shop vac will also work.

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Misc Grooming Items

Happy Hoodie

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