Coat Types

Rough Coat

Rough coated or long haired border collies are what most people envision when they think of a border collie.

Smooth Coat

Smooth coats are border collies with a short, smooth coat. This coat type is seen most commonly in working and sport lines. As with the other coat types, the smooth coat is a double layer that insulates the dog form inclement weather. This coat is favored by ranchers because the short length picks up fewer burs and is less prone to matting.

Medium Coat

Medium coats are exactly what you would imagine- a medium length coat. This term is used to described dogs that have too much feathering and length to their coat to be smooth, but not enough fur to be categorized as rough.

Curly Coat

Curly coats are uncommon in border collies, but they do occur. These coats are seen most often in working lines.

Bearded Coat

Bearded border collies are hard to find nowadays, but they are an important part of the breed’s history.